Teacher Notifications

Three different actions result in teacher notifications, depending on your job settings:

  • When a new class is created
  • When an active (already-accepted) class is updated
  • If a link is made to an existing teacher-created class

You'll set notification preferences during the Update preferences step when creating a sync job. This step has many tabs, but you'll use Teacher Notifications.

In general, we recommend enabling the three teacher notification options. If you have concerns over email volume, be aware that: 

  • Notifications are always rolled into a single email per teacher within the same sync job. 


  • Update notifications are not sent on PROVISIONED classes. Teachers must accept a class to receive notifications.
  • You should deselect these options if you are pushing out Classrooms before notifying teachers of the sync. While not recommended, we do understand this may happen. In this case, you do not want Little SIS Premium to be the first to tell the teachers they have new Classrooms. For change management recommendations and a teacher email template, visit the best practices section in the Helpdesk.

Note: Notifications are not customizable.

To set teacher notifications update preferences do the following:

  1. Open an existing Sync job.
  2. Click on the Update preferences step.
  3. Click on the Teacher Notifications tab.  
  4. Check the Little SIS Sync creates new classes checkbox.
  5. Check the Little SIS Sync updates the roster or class details for an ACTIVE class checkbox.
  6. Check the Little SIS Sync links an existing class to a class within your SIS checkbox. Step 5 Teacher Notifications (1).png

The Sync Analysis has a visual indicator, so you know the actions included in emails to teachers. If there is an envelope for an action, it is included in a teacher notification.

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