File Uploads

Files uploaded to sync jobs save to File Uploads. This page lets you view a list of all uploaded files across all jobs. Each file upload card has the name of the file, its size, number of rows, last updated date/time, and the number of jobs it is used in.


Sorting and Searching File Uploads

As your list of files grows, you'll want to use the Sort by and Search by job name fields at the top of the page to help you locate specific files. 


By default, files are sorted A to Z. Select a sort order from the Sort by drop-down to change the sort. Options include:

  • Created on date (new to old)
  • Last updated (most recent to least recent)
  • A to Z
  • Z to A


If you know the name of your file, begin typing the name in the Search by job name field. The list filters as you type. Click on a file to select it. 

Adding a File

If there is a file that is needed for sync jobs you can add it to File Uploads saving you time when you create the job. 

  1. Click Upload a new file.
  2. Drag and drop a file or click the cloud to upload.
  3. Click Done.

Actions for Existing Files

File cards have an ellipsis menu, letting you perform the following actions on files:

  • Delete - Available for files not used in any job.
  • Preview - Opens the file in a preview window. LSISFilePreviewHL.png
  • Details - Opens a popup containing details and file history for the file. Details include Created on, Headers, Used with, Uploaded via SFTP, and Last updated on. LSISFileDetailsHL.png
  • Download - Downloads the file to the local download location.



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