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February 23, 2024: Gopher for Users Enhances Your Password Reset Experience

We are excited to announce recent updates to our password reset process for Gopher for Users, aimed at enhancing user convenience and accessibility.

Key Updates Include:

  • Streamlined Email Content: We've revamped the password reset email. On the email sent with the new password, the User cards now only include the user's name, Username, and password directly within the email body for quick reference.
  • CSV File Attachment: Users now receive an attached .CSV file containing First Name, Last Name, Username and Password for impacted users, offering a convenient backup option.

  • Branding Refresh: The email design now features the CDW logo, ensuring a consistent and recognizable experience for our users.

See Bulk Reset Passwords

August 31, 2023: Delete users stepper days to loss of data update
  • We've updated the information in step 1 of the Delete users stepper for accuracy.
    Bulk Update Users > Delete Users
    • The previous message stated a 5-day data removal timeline, but in line with Google's policy, the accurate duration is 20 days. This correction ensures alignment with the proper data retention timeline.
    • See Bulk delete users
August 10, 2023: Gopher for Users, Password reset email improvement and set users building ID
  • Password reset emails include email instead of user name

    • When resetting passwords, you have the option to email the new password to someone. Previously it would email the user’s username and password, but now it will send the user’s email address and password instead.

  • When creating new users, you can now set their Building ID. Previously Google had the location field, however it has now been replaced with Building ID.

    Note: If you encounter errors launching the Create new user feature, you may need to delete the existing Create New User tab. A new tab will automatically generate.


August 2, 2023: Feature request and feedback link update

Previously, the feedback icon, located at the bottom of the sidebar in the Labs Gopher tools, opened to a Google form. This update redirected the feedback icon to the Labs Club Feature Requests page.

November 18, 2022: Load users from a list of emails
    • Gopher for Users > Import users to sheet > Load users from > List of emails

      A new drop-down, Load users from, appears on the sidebar, Import users to sheet tab. The drop-down lets you select an import method; Admin console (default) or List of emails


      Enter the email addresses in the box and click Load to sheet.

      Note: Email addresses must be copied in one email per line without a separating comma. Only 100 emails can be pasted in the box.

      Note: Duplicate email addresses can be copied in, but will not duplicate in the sheet. You do not need to resolve duplicates.

November 3, 2022: New feature request icon in sidebar

Gopher for Users > Launch Sidebar

Do you have a suggestion that could improve our tools? We would love to hear from you. We’ve added the Feedback icon to the sidebar of our Labs Tools to give you 1-click access to our feedback form.

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