Bulk Update Device Annotations and Org Units

Devices loaded from the Admin console or List of IDs appear on the Devices tab. You can edit certain fields in the sheet and then update in the Chrome Device Management console via the Update bulk action.

In this article, you'll learn:

Which fields are editable

How to update fields

How to view details for updated fields

Editable Fields

The following fields are editable in the sheet: 

  • Org Unit Path
  • Annotated User
  • Annotated Location
  • Annotated Asset ID
  • Notes

All writeable fields appear under the Editable Device Properties header and are set apart in the sheet by header cell color and font color.

Note: When updating, only rows currently visible in the Sheet get updated—leverage filters to exclude any devices from the update.

Updating fields

  1. In the sheet, load the devices.
  2. In the Devices sheet, make the necessary changes to fields.
    • Use the arrow at the right of any Editable Device Properties and use the filters to narrow the list of devices.
    • Click OK.
    • In the filtered sheet, locate the devices to update and enter the appropriate Path, User, Location, Asset ID, and Notes.
  3. In the sidebar, go to Update and click Update

Pro Tip: Use Set Visible Columns to make the Most Recent User is Annotated User column visible. This column compares the annotated user with the last login, showing TRUE or FALSE. If FALSE, a user is on that device when they should not be.

Viewing the Change Detail

After an update job finishes, the Bulk Action History tab populates with relevant details about the updates performed. This tab includes device-specific update errors.


If errors have occurred in the processing of running an update, they will show a red indicator in the Devices tab. We recommend using Sheets filters on the Update status column to retry the update on only those devices with errors.

Note: If there is an Org Unit Path error, be sure you have typed the OU exactly how it is in the Admin console or select one from the drop-down.



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