Clear User Profiles

By default a Chromebook will remember multiple accounts or user profiles. However, there are times when a new student or group of students will be assigned a Chromebook, or you may get an error saying your Chromebook profile could not be opened correctly and it needs to be removed. The following steps will show you how you can perform this task on multiple devices.


From the Update tab of the sidebar, select Clear user profiles and a stepper will guide you through the process of clearing user profiles from the devices. 



Click Next acknowledging that you are looking to clear the user profile data.



Apply sheets filters using the filter icon next to any of the headers in row 2 of your spreadsheet so that only the devices you are looking to clear data for are visible in this sheet. ** This action cannot be undone, so double check your filters to ensure they applied properly**



Check your list of devices one last time and then click Clear.



**It is extremely important that you do not make any changes to the sheet while this action is running**



Once completed, you'll be able to see the results in the Update Status column of the spreadsheet, as well as the Bulk Actions History Tab. You'll see the following response states:

Pending - The action was sent, but the device is not turned on. Once the device is turned on the action will complete.

Could not issue command - The request to clear the profile has already been sent before, and is still in a pending state.

Success - Profiles have successfully been cleared.