Bulk update device annotations and org units

Devices loaded from the Admin console or List of IDs are loaded to the Devices tab. Certain fields can be edited in the sheet and then updated in the Chrome Device Management console via the Update bulk action. The following fields are editable in the sheet: 

  • Org Unit Path
  • Annotated User
  • Annotated Asset ID
  • Annotated Location
  • Notes

Only visible rows currently visible in the Sheet will be updated. This means that filters can be used to exclude any devices for which the update is not needed.

Note: All writeable fields appear under the Editable Device Properties header and are set apart in the sheet by header cell color and font color.

After an update job has been completed, the Bulk Action History tab populates with relevant details about the updates performed. This includes device-specific update errors.


If errors have occurred in the processing of running an update, they will be flagged in the Devices tab with a red indicator. To retry the update on only those devices with errors, we recommend using Sheets filters on the Update status column. 

Note: If there is an Org Unit Path error, be sure you have typed the OU exactly how it is in the Admin console or select one from the drop-down.



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