Remove Students From One or Multiple Classes

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Managing student rosters can be a hassle. That is why we made the ability to add and remove students to Classrooms easy.

Single Class: Removing Students

To remove students, start in the Explorer:

  1. Click Explorer in the navigation pane at the left.
  2. Use filters to search for the class you want to remove students.
  3. Right-click over the class.
  4. Click Student actions.
  5. Click Remove students.
    RemoveStudents.gifThe Remove students stepper opens.

Bulk Classes: Removing Students

To bulk add a co-teacher, start in the Explorer:

  1. Click Explorer in the navigation pane at the left.
  2. Use filters to search for the classes you want to add students.
  3. Select the classes by checking the checkboxes at the left.
  4. Click Students at the top left of the page.
  5. Click Remove students from # selected classes.
    The Remove students stepper opens.

Working With the Remove Students Stepper

In the Remove students from classes stepper:

  1. Review the # selected classes:
    • Confirm classes you want to remove students by selecting the classes again. The select all checkbox is available at the top of the grid.
    • Click Continue.
  2. Select students:
    • Select how you will select students; Select Accounts or Paste accounts.
    • Depending on your Select students choice, enter the email/name of the student or type or paste the email associated with the student's account.
    • If you are pasting accounts, click Validate.
    • Continue selecting until you have selected all students to remove.
    • Click Continue.
  3. Primary teacher notification email:
    • If you want to notify the primary teacher that a student is removed, select the Send email to primary teacher checkbox. 
    • If necessary, add text in the editor on the left to customize the message. 
    • Click Continue.
  4. Summary and confirmation:
    • Click Proceed with student removal.


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