Load devices from a list of asset ids or serial numbers

Importing devices from your clipboard or a USB barcode scanner can be a very efficient way of performing bulk updates, deprovisioning, or enabling/disabling operations on a set of devices. This method works well with devices whose Asset IDs or SNs live in a document or Sheet, as well as for physically co-located devices, such as a group of machines in a single laptop cart, or as devices are enrolled during unboxing.

You can use this feature to import and make updates to one or more devices by Serial Number or by asset ID.

  1. From the sidebar, be sure the Load managed devices from tab is selected.
  2. In the Load managed devices fromā€¦ field, select List of IDs.
  3. Place your cursor in the text area and scan a barcode with either device serial number or asset ID, followed by a newline or Enter.

    Note: Most scanners ship with a set of configuration barcodes that can be used to make them auto-insert newlines after each scan.

  4. Click Load to Sheet. Data loads to the Devices tab in the following sections/columns:
    Hardware Details (required)
      Update status
      Device ID
      Serial Number
    Calculated Values (read only-derived from Admin console & lookup tables
      Number of major Chrome versions behind
      Latest stable Chrome version for model
      Most Recent User
    Reported Activity
      Last Sync
      Last Enrollment Time
    Hardware State
      Major Chrome Version
      Boot Mode



Resolving duplicate asset IDs

During manual entry of device id/serial numbers, you may enter the same device id more than once. When there are duplicate IDs, a warning message appears showing how many duplicates there are and a box showing the first 10 duplicates. Load to Sheet is not available while there are duplicates.

To manually resolve duplicate asset IDs:

  1. Use the list box of the first 10 duplicates to help locate the duplicate in the Serial number box.
  2. Delete or revise the id as necessary.
  3. Continue until there are no duplicates. 
  4. Click Load to Sheet.


To remove the duplicates:

  1. Click Fix it
  2. Click Load to Sheet.


Once you load devices you can make changes in the sheets you can use bulk actions to make changes to the devices.

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