Load devices from the Admin console 

Loading from the Admin console offers very basic queries based on Org Unit Path and Enrollment Date or device status. Once a device import has been run, a Devices Spreadsheet tab will fill with all available data on all devices that match your query. More advanced filters now become possible via the native Sheets filter functionality by choosing the filter functionality. You can toggle filters on and off using the funnel icon in the Sheets toolbar.  

  1. From the sidebar, be sure the Load managed devices from tab is selected.
  2. By default, Admin console is selected as the load method.
  3. Select query parameters using the Where and And drop-downs:
    • Where: This filter lets you select a specific status of devices to load. Options include is Active, is Disabled, is Deprovisioned, is Pre-provisioned, and is any status.
    • And: Lets you narrow devices to load from specific OUs.
    • And: Lets you narrow devices to load based on enrollment date.
  4. Click Load to Sheet.

    Caution: If you have not visited the Reports tab and authorized reports, Load to Sheet will not be available. In its place, the Authorize button appears. Click Authorize, Load to Sheet then appears.

  5. At the prompt, click Continue.
  6. At the finished prompt click Dismiss. Data loads to the Devices tab.

Best practices:

  • Once your import is complete, click More Filters to learn about using the power of Google Sheets filters to drill down on and make updates to subsets of devices.
  • Whoa! Too many columns to take in? ClickScreen_Shot_2019-04-26_at_2.23.09_PM.png (hamburger icon) in the sidebar to quickly hide columns you don’t need.

Once you load devices you can make changes in the sheets you can use bulk actions to make changes to the devices.

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