Gopher for Chrome web app explained


While using Gopher for Chrome there are some administrative tasks that cannot be accomplished in the sheet. For those tasks you need to open Cache Admin Settings, or what we call the Gopher for Chrome web app.

Both super administrators and delegated administrators can access the web application.

Accessing the Gopher for Chrome web app

  1. Open a new Google Sheet.
  2. In the top menu, go to Extensions > Gopher for Chrome > Launch Sidebar.
  3. Once the sidebar loads, click runReports.png(Run reports) to access the reports section.
  4. In the Device Cache section, click the Cache Admin Settings link. The web app opens to Home.

Tasks you can accomplish with the web app

  • From Home you can:
    • View graphs for Device States, Auto Expiration Expiry, and Battery Health. These graphs are not interactive, but do provide device counts devices in each graph.
    • View Last Update and Last Scan dates.
    • View the number of devices cached.
    • View the number of devices with telemetry data cached.
    • Force a full scan.
    • Disable the device cache.
  • From Support you can:
    • Access the Gopher for Chrome section of our Help Center.
    • Access the Submit a Ticket form.
    • Access the Gopher for Chrome feature request forum.
  • From Gopher Buddy you can:
    • Launch the Gopher Buddy Setup Wizard
    • Access the configuration panel
    • Uninstall Gopher Buddy

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