Gopher for Chrome Web App Explained

You can accomplish several tasks once you access the Gopher for Chrome web app.

  • From Manage Device Cache WebAppManageCache.png you can:
    • Filter and view Device States, Auto Expiration Expiry, and Battery Health graphs. These graphs are not interactive but do provide device counts for each graph.
    • View the following information:
      • Last Update and Last Scan dates
      • Number of devices cached
      • Number of devices with telemetry data cached
    • Force a full scan
    • Disable the device cache
      See the Manage Device Cache overview
  • From Device Search WebAppSearch.png, you can:
    • Search for devices by serial number, asset ID, or device ID.
    • Navigate to the Device Info page for a single device found during a search. 
      • View the following device info: Basic Info, Additional Info, Device Usage, Gopher Buddy Sessions, and Chrome Audit Events.
    • View/edit Basic Information for devices
    • With full access, you can view Additional Info, Device Usage, Gopher Buddy Sessions, and Chrome Audit Events as reported by the Google Admin console.
  • From Gopher Buddy Settings WebAppSettingst.png, you can:
    • Launch the Gopher Buddy Setup Wizard
    • Access the configuration panel
    • Uninstall Gopher Buddy
  • From Support WebAppSupport.png, you can:
    • Access the Gopher for Chrome section of our Help Center.
    • Access the Submit a Ticket form.
    • Access the Gopher for Chrome feature request forum.


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