Bulk update existing users' properties & attributes

The Update properties & attributes workflow will allow you to preview and push Google Workspace user updates from any of the following color-coded column groups as well as for enabled, custom defined user attributes on your domain. 

    • Basic information
      • Last name
      • First name
      • Primary email address
    • Properties
      • Org unit path
      • Suspended
      • Exclude from global contact directory
      • Force pw change at next login
    • Contact information 
      • Work phone 1
      • Home phone 1
      • Mobile phone 1
      • Work address 1
      • Home address 1

**Update jobs can be staged using either of the following two approaches. Both approaches will operate only on the visible users in the sheet. You should use Sheets Filters to reduce your update to only those users requiring update.**

Update method 1: "From difference with current admin console values" - this method creates a preview of all changes based on the difference between the current admin console values and the values in the Sheet. **This method can be very slow to load when working with large (>1000) sets of users. **



The preview and application of updates are performed based on a cross-reference between the current value of each field in the Google Workspace admin panel and those found in the Sheet.  The preview of changes can be filtered to the lists of users impacted by each field value change.   Unchecking a field from the left column will remove it from the update, however it will not revert your changes in the Sheet.

List preview

Clicking on a user, or the toggle in the upper right corner will reveal a per-user detailed view of changes to be applied. 

Toggle to per-user granular preview

Update Method 2: "Skip difference analysis" - this method lets you simply select which Sheets columns you want to push to the admin console, without providing any preview of the differences.  **Faster, recommended for larger jobs, provided you are confident in the changes you are making.**


Using this method, the preview panel simply allows you to select which Sheet columns to include in the update.