Bulk update existing users' properties & attributes



The Update properties & attributes workflow will allow you to preview and push G Suite user updates from any of the following color-coded column groups as well as for enabled, custom defined user attributes on your domain.

    • Basic information
      • Last name
      • First name
      • Primary email address
    • Properties
      • Org unit path
      • Suspended
      • Exclude from global contact directory
      • Force pw change at next login
    • Contact information 
      • Work phone 1
      • Home phone 1
      • Mobile phone 1
      • Work address 1
      • Home address 1

The preview and application of updates are performed based on a cross-reference between the current value of each field in the G Suite admin panel and those found in the Sheet.  The preview of changes can be filtered to the lists of users impacted by each field value change.   Unchecking a field from the left column will remove it from the update, however it will not revert your changes in the Sheet.

List preview

Clicking on a user, or the toggle in the upper right corner will reveal a per-user detailed view of changes to be applied. 

Toggle to per-user granular preview