Bulk actions overview

Once a set of existing Google Workspace domain users is loaded to the Manage Existing Users tab, you can Reset Passwords, Update properties & attributes, Update domain groups, or Delete users.  From the Create New Users tab, you can populate new user properties, attributes, and groups via a CSV file or manually in the sheet preview and mass create users on the domain.


  • Reset passwords:  Guides you through the (optional) auto-generation of new user passwords (using a range of randomization formats), as well as their distribution to designated point person via a printer-friendly email. 
  • Update properties and attributes: Allows for any of the following column groups to be updated based on their current values in the sheet, as well as enabled custom user attributes.
    • Org unit path
    • Suspended
    • Include in global contact directory
    • Force password change at next login
    • Last name
    • First name
    • Primary email address
    • Work phone 1
    • Home phone 1
    • Mobile phone 1
    • Work address 1
    • Home address 1
    • Organization name
    • Employee type
    • Location
    • Employee ID
    • Employee title
    • Department
  • Update domain groups: Allows for users to be added and removed from Google Groups that are managed via your Google Workspace domain.  A read-only column for Current group membership can be used as a guide, and with filters, to help identify needed domain group changes.   Changes are made within the Add to domain groups and Remove from domain groups columns in the Domain group changes column group.
  • Create new users:  Guides you through the new user creation process.  New user data can be imported via CSV and mapped to columns in the sheet, or populated directly in the sheet.
  • Delete users: Bulk-deleting users can be accomplished quickly and easily from this workflow.  Note that the transfer of Drive files and G+ pages upon deletion cannot currently be accomplished within Gopher for Users.