Bulk reset passwords

The Reset passwords bulk action allows includes the following functionality:

  • (Optional) auto-generation of new user passwords using a range of randomizations.
  • Designation of whether or not to force password reset on next login (subject to your SSO setup).
  • Distribution of printable password slips to a designated point person via email.
  • A full preview of changes to be made prior to execution.


The bulk password reset action applies only to those users currently visible in the Manage Existing Users tab, in other words the process respects Sheets filters.

In the first step, you have the option to build passwords manually in the sheet, or via a number of rules.  Subsequent steps guide you through the process.

The preview step offers both a list view and a per-user-view of any changes to be made to the password and force-reset property.  It also previews the number of passwords that will be included in the body of a single email to each designated point of contact. You also have the option to store passwords in 'Saved Passwords' tab (see the checkbox at the top).  

A note on storing passwords: Please understand security implications for accidental sharing or publishing of this Sheet, or of account compromise. The spreadsheet itself should never be set up by or shared with an account that does not have 2-factor auth enabled.

Here's what the point-person emails look like, where the printable password slips will page-break across standard 8.5 x 11-inch paper margins provided the user prints the email using the small print icon within the Gmail interface.