Deleting users

Deleting a Google Workspace user through Gopher for Users will permanently delete all resources (Drive, Calendar, Sites, etc.) owned by the user, including Google Vault retained copies of Gmail.  

Unlike the Google Workspace Admin Panel, where it is possible to transfer ownership of Drive Files and G+ pages to another user, Gopher for Users does not permit this.  

Once a user is deleted, you have 5 days to manually reverse this permanent data loss via the admin panel. Gopher for Users does not have an "undelete users" action.

Select Delete users from the Bulk Actions sidebar.


Use column A of the Manage Existing Users tab to indicate a "Yes" for all users you want to delete.


Use step 2 to confirm that you've selected the correct user(s) for deletion. **Only those users that are visible in the sheet (e.g. not excluded by filters) and have a "Yes" in the Delete user column will be included for deletion.**


Clicking Preview will load a modal UI providing a full preview of users for deletion prior to committing the action. 


This preview includes flags to warn if users have been recently active, if the user is an Admin, if you are accidentally deleting your own account, and filters by Account Status, Last Login Time, and Org Units.


Clicking Release The Hounds will run the deletion on the users.

Once the deletion process is complete, an optional Step 3 will allow you to purge the deleted users from the Manage Existing Users tab.