Bulk adding or deleting user aliases

The Update user aliases feature allows you to add new user aliases or delete existing admin-assigned aliases for your users.   Note that this feature requires a paid license.


Read-only columns for Admin-assigned aliases and Auto-generated aliases can be used as guides, and with filters, can help identify users that need to have their aliases changed or cleaned up.  


Changes are made within the Alias to add and Alias to remove columns. **You can only enter one email address per column.**


Using the Update user aliases option from the updates tab of the sidebar, a stepper kicks off to apply the changes. 


A full preview of changes will be shown in a dialog box prior to executing any changes if you are making 500 or fewer changes. If you are making more than 500 changes, your total job count will be shown here instead. 


You can also toggle the slider in the upper right hand corner of the preview window to switch between list view and per-user view of changes to be made.


All changes will be captured in the Update Status column, as well as the Bulk Actions History tab in the spreadsheet.