Run a Device Report

Sometimes you may want to see all activity sessions and recent users for a specific device.  This may be valuable for forensic purposes, where device damage or malicious network behavior may need to be interrogated for a particular device.

Device activity reports can be run by Serial Number or Asset ID.

User and session information from the Google Admin Console will only be available when Chrome device settings allow local data to be preserved.

To generate a device report:

  1. Open a new Google Sheet.
  2. In the top menu, go to Extensions > Gopher for Chrome > Launch Sidebar.
  3. Once the sidebar loads, click Run reports.
  4. Click Single Device.
  5. Select how to identify the device; Serial Number or Asset ID.
  6. Enter the device’s Serial Number or Asset ID.
  7. Click Run.


Pro Tip: The Total Active Time column is pulled from the Admin console and represents total active usage, including off-campus and on-campus.

Basic Subscribers

This report will show you a 60 days history of all users that have been logged into that device based on information stored in the Google Admin Console. Because user logins are ordered, but not associated with timestamps in Google’s available data, Recentness of Use is used to represent how recently the user was logged onto the device. A 1 means that the user was the most recent user to log into the device.

Premium Subscribers  

You will be able to see 60 days worth of sessions from both the Google Admin Console as well as detailed session data provided from Gopher Buddy.


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