Run the Poor Battery Health Report

The Battery Health State widget shows you know how many devices are at each health state. To get information on specific devices at each state, you’ll need to run the Poor Battery Health Report. 

To generate a battery health report from the Gopher for Chrome add on:

Note: This report can also be run from the Web app, Manage Device Cache ~ Battery Health State.

  1. Open a new Google Sheet.
  2. In the top menu, go to Extensions > Gopher for Chrome > Launch Sidebar
  3. Once the sidebar loads, select the Reports tab.
  4. Once the sidebar loads, select Device Telemetry.
  5. Click Poor Battery Health.
  6. Click Run 1 Selected Button.
  7. Click Run Selected Report. The report information loads to the Poor Battery Health tab in the following sections/columns:
    Device ID
    Serial Number
    Battery Health Action
    Action Notes
    Device Info
     Org Unit Path
     Recent Users
     Recent Sessions
     Auto Update Expiration
     OS Version
     Last Enrollment Time
    Device Metadata
     Annotated User
     Annotated Asset ID
     Annotated Location


Once the report is complete, click use the Google Sheets column filters to drill down on a specific subset of devices.


Document Version Date Description of Change
1.0 1/4/24 Updated GIF for status changes


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