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The Gopher for Chrome Add-on for Sheets provides a powerful way to manage and gain insight into Chrome Devices enrolled on a Google Workspace domain.   The features described below are available to trial or paid (basic or premium) users of Gopher for Chrome.

Thanks to the power of Google Looker Studio, several of Gopher for Chrome's key auto-refreshing reports can now be displayed as rich, shareable, and embeddable dashboards. 

Before you start, some gotchas to look out for: 

  1. Before you will be able to use Looker Studio connectors, you must turn the Looker Studio service on for your OU and accept the Google Looker Studio terms of service from Google's UI.
  2. Some third-party Chrome Extensions, such as UBlock Origin, Securly, and NetOp,  are known to cause interference with the Looker Studio Connector to template workflow.  We believe this results from the blockage of Google Analytics traffic. If you encounter a System error for all graphs in your templates, you may need to disable these extensions and redo the connector setup steps.

To get started with connectors and reports:

  1. Click Run Reports in the sidebar. RunReportsButton.png
  2. Click Connectors.

    Note: Each connector relies on the existence of the relevant Aggregate device report within the Sheet.  If the required report is not enabled, clicking Enable will navigate you to the Aggregate reports slide-out, where you can spawn and configure the report to auto-refresh (recommended).

  3. Click on a given connector. The spreadsheet URL gets copied to your clipboard and will navigate you to a configuration page for relevant Looker Studio Connector.
  4. Paste the URL in the Gopher for Chrome Spreadsheet URL field. From the Required Worksheet drop-down, select the source to use.
  5. We recommend you give your connector a clear title, so you can identify it in the future. The title is located at the upper left.
  6. We also recommend that you select Use template by default.
  7. Click Connect.
  8. Next, you'll see the pre-defined connector fields. Click Create Report to generate a templated report using your Gopher for Chrome data.
  9. At the prompt, click Create Report.
  10. Click Create Report again.


Daily Activity by OU

This report allows you to explore device fleet utilization across organizational units, time, and day of the week.


Auto Update Expiration by OU

This report allows you to explore device Auto Update Expiration date, based on Google-reported device model, across organizational units and time.


Chrome Version by OU

This report allows you to explore the major Chrome version, based on Google-reported value, for devices across organizational units.


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