Re-Assign Declined or Provisioned Classes

There will be instances when a teacher accidentally declines a class and needs it back. Or, you may have directly provisioned classes then learned that a teacher needs to link or merge classes instead of accepting the directly provisioned class. Use the following steps to re-assign previously declined or provisioned classes.

  1. In Little SIS for Classroom, navigate to the Explorer.
  2. Filter the State column by Declined and/or search for the declined classes. 
  3. Check the checkbox for class(es).
  4. Go to Classrooms, then Delete selected classes.DeleteSelectedClasses.gif
  5. Complete the stepper to delete the classes.
  6. Manually run the sync job to push the classes back out as new immediately, or let the nightly sync push the classes out for you.
Document Version Date Description of Change
1.0 2/14/2024 Updated screenshot
1.1 3/22/2024 Added animated GIF


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