Troubleshooting Duplicate Aliases

During rollover time, administrators may forget to change their aliases and create classes with the old aliases. If such a class gets accepted with an old alias and the at alias is changed, a new class gets created. This situation results in duplicate classes, making it difficult to differentiate between the current and old classes from the teacher's perspective.

Solution 1: Administrator Uses the Explorer to Filter and Archive Old Alias Classes

  1. Access the ExplorerLog in to your Little SIS account and click Explorer from the Little SIS left menu.
  2. Filter for Old Alias Classes: Use the Explorer to filter the Alias column for classes with the old alias. 
  3. Archive Old Alias Classes: Select the classes you have identified as having the old alias. Select the checkbox for all classes to archive. Use bulk actions to Archive those classes
  4. Notify Teachers: Inform teachers about the alias change and the archiving process. Communication will help them understand the reason behind the change and prevent confusion.

Solution 2: Modifying Class Names for Teacher Clarity, Then Have Teachers Archive Old Alias Classes

  1. Modify Class NamesIf you want teachers to be actively involved in archiving the old classes, consider modifying the class names. Add a clear indicator to differentiate between the current and old classes.
    Old Alias: "History101_Fall"
    New Alias: "History101_Fall_Archived"
  2. Communicate Changes: Reach out to teachers and users to explain the modification in class names. Provide instructions on identifying and working with the current class, ensuring they understand the distinction.
  3. Encourage Archiving by Teachers: If your acceptable practice at the institution, encourage teachers to archive the old class on their own. 

Best Practices to Avoid Future Confusion:

  1. Set RemindersImplement reminders for administrators to double-check and update aliases during rollover. See Little SIS Premium start-of-school best practices.
  2. Regular Training: Provide training to administrators, emphasizing the importance of alias management and class organization. Throughout the year, we provide learning opportunities via webinars, weekly office hours, and daily learning via our Labs club and CDW Education Collaborative community.
  3. Clear Communication: Maintain open communication with teachers and users about changes to aliases or class names.
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