Work With Timeframe Tags

Timeframes are tags that are assigned to Google Classroom classes during the setup process. We have made this a semi-automated process by creating school years based on the transition date. This would typically be a date where your new school year classes would start being created. 

Timeframe tags help preserve teacher reporting for a given year, especially when teachers move from one school to another in the district.

After setup, you can:

Editing an academic year transition date

  1. Navigate to Timeframes using the menu at the left.
    Administration > Timeframes
  2. In the Academic year transition date field, click calendar icon.
  3. Select a month.
  4. Then select a day.
  5. Click Update.

Creating a custom timeframe

If you need a timeframe that is not an academic year, perhaps a semester or term, you can create it as a custom timeframe. 

To create a custom timeframe:

  1. From Timeframes, click Add in the top right corner.
  2. Enter the name of your Timeframe in the Timeframe label field.
  3. Select a Start Date and End Date using the calendar icons. Both a start and an end date must be entered.
  4. Click Save.

Viewing timeframe classes

To view the classes tagged for a timeframe:

  1. From Timeframes, locate the timeframe in the Academic Years or Custom Frames list.
  2. Click the three dots menu for a custom timeframe.
  3. Click View classes in [Timeframe label]. Google Classroom Explorer opens.
  4. In the Timeframe filter, select a timeframe checkbox.
  5. Click Apply.  

Editing a custom timeframe

After a custom timeframe is created,  you can change its label, and start and end dates.

Note: Academic Year timeframes cannot be edited. Only the transition date can be changed.

  1. From Timeframes, click the three dots menu for a custom timeframe.
  2. Click Edit [Timeframe label]
  3. In the Edit Timeframe popup, change the Timeframe label as necessary.
  4. Click the calendar icons to select different Start and End dates if necessary.
  5. Click Save.

Deleting a custom timeframe

If a custom timeframe is no longer needed, you can delete it.

Note: Academic Year timeframes cannot be deleted.

  1. From Timeframes, click the three dots menu for a custom timeframe.
  2. Click Delete [Timeframe label].
  3. At the confirmation prompt, click Delete.


Document Version Date Description of Change
1.0 3/25/2024 Clarified the page name for create custom.
1.1 4/3/2024 Updated for year removal from academic year transition. 


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