Access Little SIS for Classroom for the First Time - Getting Started Stepper

Little SIS Web App can be accessed anywhere that you have internet access. While you can use any browser, we highly recommend you use the Chrome browser. 

To access the Web App:

  1. Type into the address bar.
  2. Once at the website, click Log in with Google and sign in with your Google Super Admin account. A Super Admin is required to authorize and set up the app before anyone else can use it.

    Note: Having multiple profiles under your Google account can cause a login loop here, so please make sure you are only signed into the browser with your Super Admin account. You may also use an incognito window to set this up if it is easier.

  3. At the welcome screen, you'll press Authorize and proceed to enter the app and get started.
  4. In the middle of your home page, click Getting Started to kick off the Getting Started Stepper.

    Note: You can also launch the stepper from the left navigation panel. Click Administration, then Getting started.

  5. Continue through each step of the stepper to authorize the app and load your Classroom data. LSISCStepperStep4.png 
    • Step 2 is where you set your designated admin email. 

      Note: You can set only one Designated admin. To send notifications to additional people, enter their email in Step 3 of the stepper.

    • Step 3 is where you identify people who receive notifications when there is a configuration issue.
      • In the Notification email list block, enter the necessary email addresses in the Emails field, separated by commas.

        Little SIS sends notifications to emails listed in the Designated admin field and the Notification email list. Only the Designated admin receives notifications if the Notification email list is blank.

    • In step 4, you set end user support options, specifically how you want the Support button to behave for non-super admin users. Select Default or Custom. For Custom, enter a message.
    • Step 6 is where the tool will go through and pull all of the Google Classroom classes, users, and metadata for all of the years you have been using Classroom. Don't be alarmed if this step takes a while to complete.
    • Step 7 provides you with links on where you would like to go next. Please note that while you get to step 5, metadata for your classes may still be loading. This will not prevent you from being able to create Tags or review your classes in the Explorer. For help on any of those features, check out the articles here.


Document Version Date Description of Change
1.0 3/6/2024 Added new steps 2, 3, and 4 to the stepper


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